A Diploma + a Sense of Self

So, I guess I graduated. Which means, effective May 8, 2016, I am an adult. Supposedly.


I’m not going to make you read through a super long post about how amazing college is, but I’ll tell you a little bit. I’ve left college with some pretty valuable treasures. Yeah I may have gotten some knowledge or whatever, and I am apparently a “journalist” now… whatever, whatever. But with this piece of paper that says, “hey, congrats good job u learned things & now u get to peace out 4ever,” I also left Kenan Stadium with a very clear idea of who I am.

I am strong. Much stronger than I look. I had a lot of things going on throughout college. There were some family issues, as you may have read in my very first blog. But through all that, I worked my tail off. I kept my grades up. I pushed myself to become an involved member of the Carolina community. I was also working two jobs for the majority of college. I pushed myself to the limit in college and now I know what I can do.

I am funny. And that’s okay. In high school, being the “funny girl” wasn’t cool, so I found myself censoring myself in public to do my best to fit in. That’s honestly so ridiculous, and I realize that now. Maybe I wasn’t made to fit in. Maybe I was made to make others laugh and be happy. So what?

I am intelligent. Coming to UNC was very intimidating for me, because like so many of us that go here, I was used to being one of the wittiest fish in my very small pond. Not always being the best, quickest and smartest is terrifying. But, that’s life. There’s always going to be someone one step ahead of you with a better GPA, better internship opportunity, better post-grad job, etc. If you spend all your time worrying about that, you won’t appreciate your own accomplishments. Which are still great, by the way.

I am loved. I’m pretty sure everyone always thinks they have the best friends and family in the world, and I am one of those people. Without them to cheer for you every step of the way, it’s hard to be on your own team. It’s so important to have people there to keep you from giving up, or from being too hard on yourself when things don’t go quite as planned.

I feel like I should add again that my four years at the University of North Carolina were the most difficult I have ever experienced. But they were also the most rewarding. So yes, I’m leaving with much more knowledge. I’m leaving, prepared to enter the workforce as a journalist. But I’m also leaving knowing exactly who I am and what I’m capable of. That’s just as valuable.

One thought on “A Diploma + a Sense of Self

  1. Arnett R Beckett says:

    Stephanie, when you take pen in hand, you never cease to amaze me. You have always had a knack for words. Even as a young lady, you wrote poetry and prose that showed maturity much beyond your years. At your age and talent, the sky is the limit for you. I should live long enough to witness all your accomplishments. You remind me of an astronaut reaching for the stars. I pray that you always keep an even keel and know when to drop anchor. God bless.


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