Hi, something big has changed since I’ve been here… I had a birthday! Which really isn’t as exciting as it was when I was little… and I’m a little disappointed that no one ever tells you that birthdays get less exciting. My dad didn’t bring cupcakes for my class to share. I didn’t get a second cake when I got home. Mostly I’m upset about the severe lack of cake in my life. Also the lack of direction in my life. That too.

22 just sounds older than 21. I feel like it’s an age where you can still float around life like a reckless little dandelion, but people start judging you more for that. Like people give you harder stares of contempt when you opt for cider at a bar. Or when people ask if you have job prospects they actually expect you to answer, “yeah totally.” Being 22 feels like 21’s lame older sister. But it’s only been 2 days since my actual birthday, so it could definitely get better.

And it probably will. People have already stopped giving me the knowing smile when I order drinks like, “do you know what you’re ordering?” They also seem to magically stop thinking that you go out every night of the week. And they start trusting your opinion on things, probably because you’re about to be out of the college haze. 

But still…

“22 is one of the best years. You’ll find out so much about yourself.”

I don’t know that I’m sold yet. But I’ll keep an open mind. May 22 be a year of surprises, hard work, best friends, and please God let it be the year of a full time job.

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