*Shreds Bracket*

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m not the most well-versed person in anything sports related. But you’ll also know that I do happen to love college basketball. And you’ll know that I’m competitive. Like really competitive.

So, bracket challenges are my bread and butter. I love them. I live for them. I choose my teams carefully and with calculation, always including at least a few upsets. But I was not prepared for this. Was anyone prepared for this???

  • Michigan State. What happened??? They were ranked second. SECOND. And they lose to… who did they even lose to again? Middle Tennessee? Okay. 97.8 percent of people who made brackets through ESPN at least had Michigan State making it past the first round. Hell, 23% of people had Michigan State winning the whole damn thing, so… really… what happened other than lots of threes and a great defense?
  • Purdue. I don’t actually know a lot about Purdue, but I know more about it than I know about Little Rock… like the fact that it exists.
  • West Virginia. Now, I know they aren’t really a basketball school. They’re a football school. But who is SF Austin and how did they beat a third ranked school??? They’ve been ahead of them the whole game. Seriously, who is SF Austin and why am I just hearing about this as an institution?
  • Seton Hall... I don’t actually know this school either but I was rooting for them, okay?


Okay. My rant is over. Enjoy your night while I cry onto my poor, sweet bracket. Or what’s left of it.

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