An Ode to You.

Hi there, readers. In case you forgot, today is Valentin257eacd84ad8105e388722cd33227343e’s Day. I know, an overly-commercialized holiday enforced by corporate America to get you to spend all your $$$ on presents… but I actually like Valentine’s Day. I like going on fun dates, and having a day to let everyone special to me know that I love them. Speaking of which… this next blog post is dedicated to a very important and special person in my life. My significant otter, if you will.

So, here it goes. This is Jordan. We’ve been dating for a long time (aka pretty much forever) and I’ve known him since 5th grade. We became best friends after I sat down across from him at a lunch table and he showed me that his watch let him see what time it was in China. Since then, we were constant companions. We beat Halo together (the first one) and in middle school when I was going through my beach-themed bedroom phase he gave me a palm tree for Christmas.

10891721_10205549371357074_344767824472488892_nAnd now, here I am in my senior year of college, and I’m still calling him almost every day. Of course, it’s a little different since he’s in the army and he helps me solve most of my problems over Facetime, but I’m still happy to have him there. So, thanks Jordan. For being my biggest cheerleader when I’m my biggest critic, for laughing at my jokes, for letting me sing along when we watch musicals, for giving the biggest hugs, and for being my best friend. I’m sorry we aren’t together on Valentine’s Day, but I’ll see you soon.

Stay amazing.


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