Job Applications: As Told By Pretty Little Liars

I’m back again to bless your timelines. And today, my lovely readers, we’re going to talk about pretty much the scariest thing in the whole world: job applications. I did the unthinkable yesterday, and I wanted to document it. But also I wanted to add some color to your lives with matching reactions from the fabbest group of girls ever. Yes, I know “fabbest” isn’t a word. It’s whatever.

When you realize the application for the job you want has been open for like three weeks, and you realize you’re totally qualified for the job. You totally have 1-2 years of reporting experience. You can do this. 


But then you realize that you graduate in May and they probably aren’t trying to wait 6 months to fill this position.


So you twiddle your thumbs for a little bit, and decide that you’d better still apply. After all, the worst that can happen is that they won’t call you for an interview.


But then once you make a user id for the website and log in, you realize the application makes no sense. Why do I need to add all my skills? Twice? Also what’s a normal desired salary? I hardly know what a salary is. Do I even know who I am? WAIT WHO AM I?


And then you get to a question that asks: “In a given week, what would be your potential availability?” But the only answer choices are “yes” and “no.”


And then you click to the next page and it’s the cover letter. Like, YES I CAN WRITE A COVER LETTER. Wait, I can write a good cover letter, can’t I? Am I a good writer? Am I doing the right thing? Can they read my nervousness between the lines?


But then you write it and it’s all good, and you put your contact information in and hit send. And on one hand you’re holding on to your roommate like…


But on the other hand you’re like…


Either way, you’re/I’m/we’re growing up. And that’s pretty cool. (I guess.)


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