Why “High School Musical” is Absolutely Still Relevant

Hello, it’s me again, your new and unofficial queen of the blogging world. Today I’m going to talk to you all about something not quite as soul-baring, but every bit as important. We’re going to talk about the movie that rocked my 11-year-old world, High School Musical. 

“But Stephanie, that movie came out 10 years ago.” Exactly. Its 10 year anniversary was Wednesday. And I’m betting money that you still know all the words to all the songs. It was the beginning of a trilogy that would alter tweenage lives all across America with its lessons on life. Here’s why.

(Don’t) Stick to the Status Quo


Okay, you have to give it to Kenny Ortega. This choreography was amazing. Look at those synchronized moves around lunch tables. So fab. Aside from that, the song lets you see the ridiculousness of putting yourself in a box. You don’t have to just be one thing. You can be intelligent and be pretty, y’all. Also, you can play the cello and bake if you really want to. Let your freak flag fly. If these people can’t accept you for who you really are, you don’t need that negativity in your life.



Queen of my life. If Darbus’ one-liners didn’t re-slay you every single time you’ve seen this movie, you can feel free to not read any further. She taught us to be sassy and independent, and all she wanted was her spring musi-CAL to be perfect, okay?! Also she knew nothing about sports, and I feel that.

“This school is about more than just young men in baggy shorts flinging balls for touchdowns.”

You right, Darbus. It is about so much more. 

If You Want to Sing Well, Take Off Your Jacket


There were multiple times in the movie when Troy and Gabriella reassured everyone that they could not sing, but then they would get up on stage, one thing would lead to another, the jackets would come off, and then they were both like, “lol jk I’m a pop star.” It just goes to show. If you think you aren’t a good singer, try getting up on stage and losing the corduroy jacket or lab coat. You’ll probably sound amazing. I mean, it worked for them.

Once Again, Let Your Freak Flag Fly


Yaaaaaassss, girl. We all did when we were 11. It’s called puberty. This kind of goes along with the “don’t stick to the status quo” thing. If you want to be yourself, even if you’re used to being something completely different, JUST DO IT. Thanks for helping me become the weird person I am today, Gabriella.

Finally, We’re All in This Together


Whether it’s failing a test as a class, or discovering new things about yourself, you’ve got your friends to share it with you. And if you want, you can dance about it. High School Musical’s arguably most important lesson is that you shouldn’t ever have to feel alone in whatever you’re going through.

So, thanks to this wonderful movie franchise for these fab lessons, I would not be the same without it. GO WILDCATS.

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